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We come from various cultures and backgrounds to form a community that fosters Hindu culture and religious awareness within the Cornell and Ithaca community. We hold Bhajans (devotional prayers and songs) every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. in the Edwards Room of Anabel Taylor Hall. We also have special Pujas (ceremony of gratitude) to celebrate the holidays of various gods and goddesses, including Diwali, Ramnavami, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Shivaratri, and an end of the semester Saraswati puja. Additionally, through events such as Diwali Mela and Holi, we spread knowledge and awareness of Hinduism to the greater Cornell and Ithaca communities.

We strive to to bring together the Hindu community at Cornell and in the Ithaca area through discussion, prayer, and various events both on campus as well as off campus. We hope to provide opportunities to learn about Hindu heritage and culture, foster awareness about issues affecting Hindus, and provide service (seva) to the community.

Whether you are a devout Hindu or curious about the religion, you are encouraged to stop by!

Learn about Hinduism

Hinduism is the world's third largest and oldest religion and embodies spiritual and cultural significance beyond its traditional rituals. It is founded on the notion of Santana Dharma, or 'the eternal way', which governs existance beyond man-kind. Hinduism, as we know it today, is a composite of various beliefs and traditions throughout South Asia and the greater world. Practices vary even village to village! Regardless of the celebration, the importance of community is stressed.

There is no "one Hinduism." Hinduism is formed of diverse traditions and has no single founder. Among its direct roots is the historical Vedic religion of Iron Age India and, as such, Hinduism is often called the "oldest living religion" or the "oldest living major religion" in the world. Hinduism is a conglomerate of diverse beliefs and traditions, in which the prominent themes include Dharma (ethics and duties), Samsara (rebirth), Karma (right action), Moksha (liberation from the cycle of Samsara).

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Sample Bhajans

Peruse through and download all the bhajans that we sing during our weekly bhajans, from 4:00-5:00PM in Annabel Taylor Hall. Also, if you wish, take time to listen to the recorded bhajans! This is the full version of our bhajan book. Copies are distributed to everyone at our weekly bhajans so don't feel a need to murder trees to print it out.

Bhagyada Lakshmi Baarama
Sung by: Vaidehi Pidaparti

Bhajomana Govinda Gopala
Sung by: Shweta Bharadwaj

Ganesha Sharanam
Sung by: Preeta Ragavan


Payoji Meine
Sung by: Preeta Ragavan

Shiva Shambo
Sung by: Shweta Bharadwaj

Varuvai Amma
Sung by: Vaidehi Pidaparti

Hanuman Chalisa

Om Jai Jagdish (Aarti)


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